6 Possible Reasons for Dog Dandruff in Ukiah, CA and How to Get Rid of It

Everyone who has ever dealt with dog dandruff knows how frustrating it can be to see your dog scratching and being uncomfortable while their coat gets dull and dry. Dogs with dandruff can scratch until they bleed, and they might also get hot spots and skin infections. Dandruff can turn into so much more than just a nuisance to your pet and your family.

There are some common reasons for dog dandruff, and you might need to know what they are so you can try and help your dog to be more comfortable. Getting rid of dog dandruff can be easier than you might think, and these tips will help you to figure out why your dog is suffering from dandruff so you can solve the issue. Always remember that you can head to your veterinarian for support with these kinds of issues as well.

dog dandruff in ukiah, ca

1. Food Allergies

By far the most common reason for dog dandruff, food allergies can be at the root of a lot of dog health issues. Kibble is really convenient to feed, and most dogs do really well on a kibble diet. However, some animals need to be switched to an allergy-specific food or to a raw diet to deal with this kind of problem with itchiness and dandruff.

2. Fleas and Mites

When your dog gets fleas, they can scratch a lot at the invaders in their coat. This can lead to sores, red spots, and persistent dandruff. Bathing your dog might make it seem like the problem is sorted out, but then it will come back if the fleas are not treated. All dogs should be on regular flea prevention to make sure that they do not get skin issues related to flea infestations.

This is true of mites which can also infect your dog and cause itchy and dry skin. Your vet can determine if your dog is dealing with fleas or mites and offer you the right treatment support to resolve the problem for good.

3. Yeast or Bacterial Infections

Your dog might be prone to bacterial or yeast infections due to the type of coat that they have, but they might also pick up this kind of health issue at dog daycare or while walking in the trails with you. Treatment of these conditions is usually both topical and systemic, and your vet will need to be involved in helping you attend to these issues in most cases.

4. Ringworm or Fungal Infections

Some parts of the country are more at risk for these issues, and if your dog has circular patches of bald and irritated skin on their coat, they might have ringworm. This is a fungal infection that can be picked up by contact with the environment in your yard or when your dog is at the dog park. Some dogs are more susceptible than others to this issue, and the weather can make it harder to eliminate ringworm. This is something that your vet can diagnose and help you treat with systemic or topical medications.

5. Endocrine Problems

Endocrine issues like Cushing’s disease or thyroid issues can lead to dry and flaky skin. Your dog will need to be diagnosed by the vet if they have these issues, and there are various treatment protocols that can be used to help manage the symptoms of these health issues.

6. Allergies to Grooming Products

If you have switched your dog to a new shampoo product or you have been spraying them with a coat spray, this product might be the reason that they are itchy. Consider making sure that you are using dog-specific coat care so that you do not have these kinds of issues. You can also try changing to an allergy-friendly version of the same products for better results.

Treating Dog Dandruff

When your dog’s dandruff is related to their environment, they might need to be offered an antihistamine every day, and you might need to figure out what is causing the issue that is leading to their dry skin. If you need to change food products, stop grooming your dog with a coat spray, or keep them inside, away from the outdoor allergens for a while, you should do so. It can take some time to figure out what kind of environmental issue is causing dandruff, but once you do, it is easy to keep your dog’s skin feeling great.

For all conditions that might be caused by a health problem, your veterinarian will need to help you to diagnose and treat the dry skin and the underlying health condition. This can be true of fleas and mites as well. Your vet can offer you the right strength medications and a good treatment protocol to make sure that your dog’s skin heals up and stops bothering them so much. If your dog has scratched so much that they have hot spots or a skin infection, you might need to treat this issue first before your vet can determine what is causing the itchiness.

Dog Dandruff Can Be More Serious Than You Think

Dog dandruff can be so much more than just unsightly, and your dog might be trying to tell you that they are struggling with a health issue that needs treatment. Make sure that you take your dog to the vet for persistent dandruff that is not resolved by switching grooming products or trying new food. Getting your dog care and treatment for conditions like Cushing’s is essential, and the sooner they are on the right medications, the better.

Dogs that tend to have dry and itchy skin due to seasonal allergies and other temporary concerns can often be made to feel a lot better with a simple treatment of moisturizing shampoo and an antihistamine. Always make sure that you are paying attention to your dog’s overall well-being so that you do not miss signs that dandruff is not the only problem that your dog is experiencing.

If your dog has dandruff give your Mendocino Animal Hospital vet a call at (707) 462-8833 or book an appointment online!

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