My Cat Has Diarrhea in Ukiah, CA – How Can I Help Her?

Cat diarrhea can be very frustrating for everyone in your house. Cats are fastidious, and they do not like making messes in the house. This can lead to anxiety about the use of the litter box as well as messes that are not made in the box itself. Cat diarrhea can also take a toll on your pet’s health over time if it is not stopped.

If you have a cat that is struggling with this health concern, it might feel impossible to resolve it. Thankfully, there are some excellent treatment options that you can use to help your cat to feel a lot better right away. Make sure that you always take your cat to the veterinarian before you do anything else to try and isolate the root cause of the diarrhea. This is always the first step in the process of treating this kind of health concern.

If you are ready to learn more about how you can help your cat with diarrhea, you need to read on!

How to Know That Your Cat’s Diarrhea is Serious

You might be uncertain that you need to make a trip to the vet, and you could be right. Just like people, cats can sometimes get an upset stomach for a couple of days, and then this will resolve itself. However, if the diarrhea has been going on for more than 48 hours or is very severe, you will need to see the vet. Also, be on the lookout for blood in the stool, a dry nose, or hot pads of the feet.

These symptoms can all indicate much more serious problems that need the attention of a vet. A small upset that resolves itself right off is usually not of much concern, but anything more serious should prompt you to take your cat to the vet. You should also never feel bad about taking your cat to the vet, even if you believe that there is nothing significant wrong.

How to Help Your Cat With Diarrhea

If you are sure that your cat can be treated for diarrhea at home, you have some options for treating this concern. You will need to first think about anything that has changed in your cat’s environment, as this might help you to start eliminating the causes of the problem.

1.      Change Your Cat’s Food

If you have just made a change to a new cat food and have noticed diarrhea not long afterward, it might be smart to change back to your old food. Just like people, pet foods can cause upset stomachs in some pets. If your cat is suddenly showing diarrhea on and off, you might want to change your pet’s food to a sensitive stomach formula food.

You should also consider the possibility that an older cat is ready for a change to an older animal-specific diet. Sometimes the changes in aging can lead to upset stomach issues due to the higher protein levels in pet food that is intended for younger animals.

cat diarrhea in Ukiah, CA

2.      Check The House

You should make sure that you check out the condition of your houseplants. If it appears that some of them have been chewed on or eaten off of by your cat, you should remove these plants for the time being. Some houseplants are actually mildly toxic to cats, and if they have started nibbling on these plants, they can cause harm to their digestive tract that can lead to diarrhea.

Consider getting your cat some living catnip so that they can enjoy their own greens without shopping through the houseplants to find a snack. Sometimes just removing houseplants from your home can make a big difference in your cat’s digestive health.

3.      Encourage Water Intake

Some cats are very picky about the condition of their water and will not drink anything but the freshest water. This can lead to issues with digestive upsets due to dehydration. Cats are never able to go for very long without water due to the way that their kidneys work, so you will want to address possible issues with water intake and dehydration right away.

Consider getting a water fountain for your cat that cycles fresh water to the bowl and then cleans the water and returns it over and over again. This will help your cat to be encouraged to drink, which can make a big difference in their digestive health. Cats need to be hydrated properly, or they can suffer from internal organ stress and other conditions. A water fountain can make a big difference in your cat’s willingness to drink.

cat drinking water to help stop diarrhea

4.      Probiotics

Sometimes adding some probiotics to your cat’s diet can help with their gut health. Natural and healthy gut bacteria populations are critical to your cat’s digestive health. Probiotics can help with changes in location that might cause your cat to be upset or travel and other possible triggers for diarrhea. Probiotics are a gentle and effective way to support your cat’s GI health that can benefit them for the long term, as well as in a flare that has led to diarrhea.

Caring For Your Cat With Diarrhea Can Be Easier Than You Think

Cats can get diarrhea for a variety of reasons, and if the diarrhea is not severe and does not go on for a long time, you can likely treat it at home yourself. Being willing to do some experimenting with new food and changes to your cat’s water bowl can often help resolve most digestive upsets. If you are concerned about your cat’s condition, don’t hesitate to head to the vet. You can get some more answers about your cat’s health at the vet, and this will help you to find out why the diarrhea is happening.

Once you know the root cause of your cat’s diarrhea, you will be much more likely to be able to treat it promptly and effectively. Cats need to be able to stay hydrated for healthy kidney function, so you will want to be sure that you attend to diarrhea right away when it crops up.

Call Mendocino Animal Hospital at (707) 462-8833 or book an appointment online to talk with a vet about your cat’s diarrhea.

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